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All about the ingredients in WAH-TOR plant based collagen builder

on September 16, 2022



What is phycocyanin? 

Phycocyanin in WAH-TOR is a vegan antioxidant active with known sun protective properties. A completely organic, plant based collagen building super antioxidant, phycocyanin is the highly concentrated active portion of Spirulina algae. 

If you are looking for a vegan, collagen friendly supplement, phycocyanin is what you are looking for. With known acne control properties, Phycocyanin makes you an amazing drink with multiple benefits! 

Benefits of spirulina powder

What is Pycnogenol? What's the difference between White Pine Pycnogenol capsules and WAHTOR Pycnogenol? 

Pycnogenol is the most widely researched, tried and tested pine bark extract, which is USFDA certified as safe and effective - GRAS certified health supplement. 

The main difference between White Pine Pycnogenol capsules and WAHTOR Pycnogenol is only in the mode of intake. WAH-TOR Pycnogenol is an active  water, which can be consumed in sips over 2-3 hours, much like a flavoured energy drink.  So now you have your trusted beauty Pycnogenol in a sip to go form! 

Best Pycnogenol benefits for skin

What is Astaxanthin in WAHTOR? 

Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant which has been proven to increase collagen levels in the skin when used regularly, either alone or in tandem with collagen peptides like TOR Classic and TOR Mighty

Provided as a granular powder in WAH-TOR, Astaxanthin can be added to your diet as a sprinkle on, with soups and salads, or even as a flavoured water.

Best collagen supplements

The three power packed super antioxidants bring to you a perfectly synced collagen boost, especially if you are looking for vegan options for healthier and brighter skin.

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