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Morning Lark Redensyl - The must-have hair growth serum to arrest hair fall

on June 18, 2023

Morning Lark® Redensyl gives you five reasons as to why it is the best beginner hair growth serum.

1. Unique combination of proven ingredients:

Morning Lark Redensyl, best hair growth serum contains two powerful research-grade ingredients - Caffeine and Redensyl, proven to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. Caffeine is the principal driver of the hair growth process in this complex. Adding on Redensyl quickens hair growth and adds more hair to the anagen phase. Caffeine works to convert these hairs into thicker, longer hairs for better scalp coverage and hair density.

Caffeine and Redensyl Hair Growth Serum

2. Faster reduction of hair fall in just 6 to 12 weeks:

Redensyl acts on hair follicle stem cells and quickly transits resting hairs to the growth phase, whereas Caffeine sustains those hairs in the growth phase for a longer period. When used consistently for 6 to 12 weeks, Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum aids in hairfall control and accelerates hair growth.

Reduction in hair fall in 6-12 weeks

3. High natural content

With around 94% natural content, Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum is safe for you and our planet as it contains natural plant-based actives like Caffeine and Redensyl that promotes hair regrowth. If you are someone who is looking to reduce hair fall in a natural way, then Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum will be a perfect option for you.

94% natural hair growth serum

4. Non-sticky formula

Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum absorbs quickly into your scalp after application without any oiliness or greasiness, making it ideal for everyday use, especially for people with dandruff. If you are looking for non greasy and non sticky alternatives to hair growth oils, then Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum will be an ideal solution for you.

best hair serum for hair fall control

5. Free from artificial colours and fragrances

Say goodbye to sulfates and parabens. Our Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum is thoughtfully formulated to be free from artificial colours, fragrances and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals that will give healthy and shiny hair in a very safe and effective way.

best hair serum for hair regrowth

So if you are someone who is suffering from hair fall and doesn’t know which hair growth serum to start with, then Morning Lark Redensyl hair growth serum can be the best choice for you.