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LED therapy – a single gadget to provide you spa-level skin care at home!

on July 25, 2022

In this article today, let us learn about why the LED home care device is probably your best spa alternative for skin maintenance.

Firstly, what does the LED Mask on your face do to your skin?

The LED device is a safe, non-invasive way to treat the skin when your want to target multiple skin concerns. LED therapy is a form of phototherapy. Phototherapy simply means that we are using some form of light energy to produce positive benefits on the skin. LEDs produce light using semiconductors in the visible light spectrum, near-infrared and UV spectrum, which produces specific benefits for the skin, depending on the protocol used.

What is the LED face mask most effective for?

LED lights have been US FDA cleared for improving skin conditions like acne, photoaging, and herpes infections, and further benefits for LED lights include improvement in conditions like skin inflammation or dermatitis, psoriasis and wound healing.

LED face Mask

How is a home LED device different from what is used by a dermatologist in their clinic?

While the spectrum of lights is the same, the energy intensity differs between home LED devices and in-clinic LED devices. Home LED devices are designed to be used on a regular basis with lower energy settings for daily use. In contrast, in-clinic LED devices are used at a higher energy setting, under medical supervision and lesser frequency of sessions. The range of light wavelengths is mostly similar between home LEDs and doctor clinic LEDs.

How to use an LED face mask?

The most important part of getting the LED home treatments right is to get started with a good quality LED face mask. So what is the most effective LED face mask? There are a few criteria that can help us choose the best LED face mask, and here they are.

  1.   Your LED mask must have been actually tested and tried to deliver the correct energy, which is acceptable for home use.
  2.   The LED face mask must come with proper treatment protocols for different conditions. This is because these protocols are unique to the particular LED device they come with. It would not be advisable to use different protocols on your device unless you have been advised to do so.

The protocols for the Light Routine® LED Mask will look like this

LED Mask for Acne

  1.   Your LED mask comes with clear instructions on maintenance and cleaning. This is important as LED face masks are products that last for years with good maintenance. Another reason to buy only authentic and genuine LED masks, which come with a warranty. The Light Routine® Light Mask from CHOSEN has a warranty of 6 months.

Now, how should you actually use the LED Mask?

The LED Mask is literally the most simple home skincare gadget that you can get. Get seated, wear your goggles and slip on your mask after turning it on to the correct colour. We recommend setting up a clock watch with a notification on your phone to indicate when the time is up, signalling the end of the session or the time to switch to the next colour setting. Once your session is done, clean the goggles and the mask carefully, and place them back in the carton for safety. And you are all done!

Can you use other products when using LED therapy? For example, can you use retinol when using the LED mask?

Yes, you can! LED masks are super compatible with most skin treatments. However, the most important point to note here is that you should always perform your LED sessions on clean, dry skin without applying any product before going under the lights.

You can apply any skin care product after you are done with the LED.

If you are using the Light Routine® series, for example, you can use the LED mask before or after completely washing off the peel and cooling your skin.

When you are using retinol or Light Routine® exfoliators, red and green LED light sessions are a great add-on to calm the skin!

Can LEDs cause hyperpigmentation since they emit light in the complete spectrum from IR to visible light to UV?

LED therapies have been successfully used to treat sunlight allergies without any hyperpigmentation. So while they effectively control the negative effects of sun exposure, they do not cause hyperpigmentation by themselves when used correctly.  LED lights do not tan the skin when used as per the suggested protocol. That is why the protocols that come with your LED light are as important as the device itself. Do cheap LED masks work? No! You do not want to put yourself at risk by choosing devices which have not been researched, tested or have clear protocols meant for Indian skin!

Which colour LED light is best for targeting hyperpigmentation?

Red and green colour lights work great for treating pigmentation. In general, you will find red light in most of the protocols that come with your Light Routine Light Mask device, as red light seems to be the most beneficial for our skin types and concerns.

Red and Green led light therapy

Does red light therapy fade spots related to photoaging?

Sunlight-induced skin ageing is one of the top conditions that benefit from home LED therapy. LED therapy has been shown to reduce fine lines and superficial wrinkles and increase skin hydration.

Skin hydration

How often should we use home LED therapy to see results?

This depends on the protocol, where we can use LED therapy twice weekly, thrice weekly or even daily. How long does it take to see results with home LED therapy? Most studies have demonstrated that it takes 3-4 months for us to get results from LED therapy. The best way to use Light Routine Light Mask is to combine it with synergistic treatments to create protocols that work for specific concerns.

Is LED mask harmful to the eyes?

It is not safe to use your LED masks without eye protection. Please use the goggles provided with the LED to protect your eyes.

Do LED masks really work?

The bottom line is: Yes! LED masks actually work. But not all LED masks work. That is why it is best to go with a tested and trusted brand like the Light Routine®  LED Mask, which is uniquely made to represent the skin pigment lines, as it is custom-made to address the needs of Indian skin types. You can get guidance on a whole range of protocols in the insert which accompanies your LED mask. The Light Routine®  LED Mask also comes with a pair of goggles to protect your eyes during your treatment sessions. Buy the best LED mask online right here!

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