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Here are 10 important facts to learn about this pregnancy safe sunscreen SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road

on May 14, 2022

When it comes to sun protection, Brigade Road gives you the full spectrum, complete UV coverage, with its high SPF, and powerful UVA blocking, in addition to achieving a critical wavelength above 374nm.

Here are 10 important facts to learn about this super sunscreen!

  1. Brigade Road sunscreen is safe and effective for all. Made from GRASE I, non nano zinc mineral, this SAFESCREEN® is suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. 
  2. This sheer sunscreen is perfect for those who fear using mineral sunscreens, due to the white cast factor. With superior sheer finish, this sunscreen gives you a protection that is invisible and invincible at the same time.
  3. The best sunscreen for men and women in India, as the Brigade Road sunscreen does not show up on the skin, especially at the borders of the beard, eyebrows, or hairline.
  4. Perfect for young babies, thanks to the lack of any chemical filter in this sunscreen, and the high natural content.
  5. With water resistance of upto 6 hours, this sunscreen suits people who are unable to apply sunscreens frequently. 
  6. This sunscreen can be liberally applied on the face, neck and body, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for all skin types.
  7. This sunscreen has no mutagenic ingredients, and is ideal for those with a history of cancer. All SAFESCREENS have undergone detailed toxicology evaluations, and have tested negative for mutagenic agents. This is CHOSEN operating under the concept of Green Chemistry, where one of the key principles is to create products which do not harm the individual or the ecosystem.
  8. SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road is non comedogenic and is suitable for all skin types. The formulation has been done keeping in mind, the special concerns of Indian skin types, where UVA coverage protects from skin ageing.
  9. The Brigade Road SAFESCREEN® sunscreen is compatible with make up. You can follow through with your make up step, right after applying this sunscreen. Other make up compatible SAFESCREENS are Charminar Sunscreen, Teesta Sunscreen and Madras Marina Sunscreen. For a matte primer look, you can consider the Besant Sunscreen as a solo application.
  10. There are no silicones, parabens or perfumes in this Brigade Road SAFESCREEN. 

SAFESCREEN Brigade Road and the entire range of physical sunscreens by CHOSEN® are now available online.