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Caffeine hair growth serums work at the molecular level to tackle stress-induced hair loss!

on December 27, 2022

We have always known the excellent clinical efficacy of caffeine in Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily, based on user feedback. But for those of you, who wish to explore more about how caffeine serums actually work to reduce stress-related hair loss, this article gives you the answer at the molecular level.

Best caffeine hair growth serum for hair

Research has confirmed what we have always known and feared, that the impact of stress on hair loss is real – but there is hope! A molecular-level study has confirmed the protective role of caffeine for hair follicles against stress. This adds to the growing evidence that caffeine protects the hair holistically – against stress, against hormone-induced hair loss by blocking DHT, and against oxidation-induced hair ageing, among other mechanisms.

Increased stress causes the following effects:

  1. Reduced Hair shaft elongation

  2. Reduced keratinocyte  proliferation

  3. Increase in resting phase stimulating molecules

  4. Increase in local stressor hormones, which shorten the hair growth phase

  5. Reduction of molecules, which increases the duration of the growth phase.

The study showed that caffeine was able to protect the hair from all of the above effects.

Caffeine increased hair shaft elongation, promoted cell proliferation, reduced the molecules that stimulate the hair resting phase, increased the molecules that prolong the hair growth phase, and reduced local stressor hormone molecules that lead to hair growth arrest.

Caffeine serum not only reduces the impact of stress-induced hair loss but also it can even prevent stress-induced hair loss.

Morning Lark® hair growth serums are a dedicated range of hair growth solutions that have caffeine as the primary active ingredient. A high-performance duo, Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily is the product meant for hair growth maintenance, while Morning Lark® Redensyl is a novel innovation where Caffeine powers Redensyl to deliver faster control of hair shedding with rapid improvement in hair quality. Together they work to relieve stress-induced hair loss.

Best redensyl serum for hair growth

So never worry about stress-induced hair loss – when you have Morning Lark® Caffeine hair growth serums to the rescue!

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