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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 500g Rich Chocolate Flavour - best vegan protein powder for weight loss
Nuzest - Premium European Pea protein - the best protein supplement
Nuzest CLP Rich Chocolate Flavour - pea protein
Super Saver Double Combo - Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Rich Chocolate 500g
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 500g Smooth Vanilla Flavour - best protein powder
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Smooth Vanilla Flavour - best vegan protein powder
Nuzest CLP Smooth Vanilla Flavour - best pea protein powder
Super Saver Double Combo - Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Smooth Vanilla 500g - healthiest protein powder
Nuzest CLP Smooth Vanilla and Rich Chocolate - Combo  - plant based protein powder

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein 500g

    Premium Vegan Protein Powder

    22 reviews
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    QUANTITY: 500g

    KEY BENEFITS: A highly digestible, tasty, European Golden Pea Protein. A "complete" protein with all the 9 essential amino acids, Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein provides the key building blocks required for optimal body function, energy production, repair and development.

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    Why choose Nuzest®?


    Ideal for anyone with an intolerance to common allergens like gluten,
    dairy, soy, or artificial sweeteners.

    free from common allergens
    Why do I need it ?
    Contains all 9 essential Amino Acids

    A “complete” protein providing the key building blocks required for optimal body function, energy production, repair and development.

    Complete protein providing the key building blocks
    Does it fit my lifestyle?
    High Protein

    Clean Lean Protein is a potent vegetable based dietary supplement that you'll love. A 25g serving gives you 80% protein, without any fillers.

    No Sugar Added

    The only sugar in clean lean protein is from natural fruit extracts, that amounts to less than a quarter of a gram.

    Nuzest Protein Powder
    Low Carb

    Here's a protein supplement that shares your concern for carbs. Each serving of Clean Lean Protein has less than 1g of net carbs.

    GMO free

    The ingredients in Clean Lean Protein come from the wholly natural and closely monitored fields of Northern France.

    Vegan Protein

    Nuzest compliments your choice of diet. It is made of 100% plant extracts without anti-nutrients such as lectins and phytates found in legumes.

    Each sip of Clean Lean Protein

    Each sip of Clean Lean Protein comes with a smooth texture and great taste.

    To enjoy, add 2 scoops (25g) to a shaker containing 350 ml or more water or milk of your choice. Shake well for a deliciously even blend.

    Rich Chocolates
    Exciting Flavours
    Clean Lean Protein
    Sweetened with Protein

    Katemfe fruit extracts from West Africa lend a sweet taste to the mix.

    It's a fruit protein isolate that leaves no aftertaste.

    Nuzest Clean Lean Protein


    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is clean and free from all major allergens, making it suitable for almost anybody.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is recommended for adults and teenagers but can be consumed by younger children at adjusted levels.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein can be taken any time of day. People use it in a shake for breakfast or lunch, after exercise to aid recovery, or to promote satiety and sleep in the evenings.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that adults need at least 0.83 g per kilogram of body weight per day, which is expected to meet the protein needs of 97.5 per cent of the world’s healthy adult population. Health professionals suggest much more if you are exercising, recovering from illness or injury, pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is a protein shake. Consuming Clean Lean Protein post-workout may help with recovery and promote the growth of lean muscle mass.

    The recommended dose of Nuzest® is 2 scoops(25g) per day.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is high in protein but low in sugar and carbs, and supports overall vitality, recovery, and repair.
    Clean Lean Protein may also be used to promote the growth of lean muscle mass and may be beneficial to those who are not consuming enough protein in their diet, particularly the elderly. As we age, our protein requirements increase. This is to ensure strong bone health, immunity, and cardiovascular health. Clean Lean Protein may therefore be useful for maintaining a healthy weight.

    Whilst Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is not intended to be consumed as a weight loss product, it can be used in conjunction with a wholefood diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

    No, while Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein can be used to promote the growth of lean muscle mass when used in conjunction with exercise, it can also just be taken to support your daily nutrition (independent of any exercise plan)!

    A 500g tub of Clean Lean Protein contains approximately 20 x 25g (2-scoops) serves. Some people prefer to take one scoop at a time (10g) if they are just using it as a protein ‘top up’.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein does not cause the bloating or digestive discomfort often experienced with protein powders (particularly whey, which is dairy based and can cause gut irritation in many people).

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is completely vegan. It’s great for a keto diet due to the high protein and low carb profile; and, due to our patented water based isolation process removing lectins and other anti-nutrients, is even suitable for a Paleo diet.

    Yes, Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is completely appropriate for diabetics, both Type l and ll. It has almost zero carbohydrates, zero sugar and the overall insulin response to the protein is likely to be very low. Clean Lean Protein is also a very satiating protein and may therefore help diabetics to adhere to their diet more effectively.

    Simply add two scoops (25g) to a shaker containing 300-350ml water or your favourite milk and shake to mix. Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein can also be added to smoothies and shakes, or used in baking for an extra protein boost.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is delicious just with water or mixes well with milk or plant based milk.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is mostly made from peas with minimal natural flavouring. It is a classified as a food in most countries and there is no limit on how long you can include it in your diet.

    If you stop taking Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein you will just need to ensure you daily protein needs are still being met through your diet.

    Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues, so the World Health Organisation recommends increasing your daily protein intake when recovering from illness or injury. Therefore, adding Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein to the diet would be beneficial to people recovering from COVID 19.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is a plant-based protein that can be consumed by anyone regardless of whether they are vegetarian/vegan or not.

    No, Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

    Nuzest® is a premium plant-based supplement company from Australia. The produce a small range of high-quality products to support people’s everyday nutritional needs.

    Clean Lean Protein is a very high-quality plant protein powder made from European Golden Peas.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is clean, plant-based and free from all common allergens (e.g. dairy, gluten, soy, nuts). It’s very high in digestible protein yet low in sugar and carbs, making it the healthy choice. It can be good for boosting your daily protein intake, to aid recovery post-workout, or as a satisfying morning or afternoon smoothie.

    Protein powders are an easy way to boost your daily protein intake. You may not be meeting the WHO recommendations for protein (which vary by age, gender and life stage), may be recovering from illness or injury, or may require additional protein due to increased physical activity. They are also satiating so are favoured by people trying to lose weight or restrict their caloric intake.

    Yes, Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is very beneficial to healthy hair, skin and nails! It’s rich in amino acids which the body uses to build Keratin (amongst other things). Keratin is a fibrous protein that helps give hair, skin and nails their structure, rigidity, and protective properties.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein contains all 9 essential amino acids.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein, when added to a healthy diet and exercise regime, may help promote the growth of lean muscle mass. In fact, studies conclude that pea protein isolate is equal to, or better than, whey in supporting muscle growth.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is made from European Golden Peas, processed in Belgium. The product is blended and flavoured in multiple locations around the world. The formula sold in India by the CHOSEN® Store is manufactured in Australia.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein isn’t designed to ‘cure’ anything (it is a food) so there is no set time it will take to work.

    Yes, it is entirely plant-based and vegan.

    Yes, every batch is tested to ensure it is free from gluten.

    Yes, it is dairy free.

    Both pea and whey protein are excellent sources of additional dietary protein but for those following a plant-based or vegan diet, whey is not an option as whey is derived from dairy. Whey can also cause digestive discomfort and bloating in some people so pea protein tends to be better tolerated.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is plant-based and vegan.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is easy to digest and doesn’t cause the bloating or digestive discomfort often associated with other protein powders.

    No, intake of Nuzest® doesn’t cause acne.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein powder can be purchased from the CHOSEN® Store.

    Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is the best vegan protein powder!

    At CHOSEN® Store, we sell Smooth Vanilla and Rich Chocolate flavoured Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein.

    Yes, we believe Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is safe to consume during pregnancy but we always recommend you speak with your health care practitioner before taking any vitamins or supplements when pregnant as everyone is individual.

    Yes, we believe Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is safe for nursing mothers and helps to provide some of the additional protein requirements of this time, but we always recommend you speak with your health care practitioner before taking any vitamins or supplements.

    Clean Lean Protein is hypoallergenic and should cause no side effects in healthy adults.

    Yes, Nuzest®’s Clean Lean Protein is safe and healthy. All our products are manufactured at GMP certified facilities and undergo rigorous testing before they get to you.

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    Rohini R.

    Very good

    A very good healthy product fullfilling energy and nutrients. No bloating r any other discomfort like other protein powders.

    Rohini R.
    India India

    Love this product

    Good and feeling healthy

    Mathu v.

    Protein- delicious

    Delicious, wholesome,clean,pure,zero sugar, healthy everything perfectly fits for nuzest.good source of protein to rebuild the wear and tear in absolutely tasty and healthy way is fantabulous.natural flavours are add on points about nuzest.worth every penny..!!

    soumya r.


    I had been doing a lot of research on finding the right protein powder and felt best about putting plant proteins with minimal ingredients into my body. This is hands down the best protein powder I've ever used. I really really love the sweetness of the smooth vanilla flavor which contains the low carbohydrate, high protein and lot more benefits in it. I have tried few others but i find vanilla goes with everything. I'm lactose intolerant, so any protein with whey is out and I hate fake sugars and others like stevia. This protein tastes amazing, mixes well, and only has 3 ingredients. Clean Lean Protein is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free Not too sweet or grainy, dissolves well. when mixed with enough fluid, it is smooth too. Best quality protein I have found for me personally, being that it's a paleo product which has no added sugar & no weird additives. super smooth & very creamy. this is the best vegan/paleo protein By using it regularly you can feel good for your muscle( its my post workout drink) immune stability, as well goes good for over all body which result in healthy body ,skin and hair too when you intake the needed stuff for your body!!It blends effortlessly and just shaking, does not clump or taste chalky, flavor is light and natural and does not taste artificial. Some times i blend with frozen bananas or with berries and some times as a perfect health snack as this pandemic made me to try out varieties in it.

    Jo F.

    Making a difference

    Nuzest is a clean, wholesome, vegan, protein powder that boosts our body's gusto. This multi-tasking energy booster has me fully enthralled. Run for the Nuzest Shake when the post-workout blues hit. In general, the muscles are ready to accept nutrients after a workout to promote muscle recovery, development, and strength. Nuzest is rich in glutamine, an amino acid that aids muscle regeneration and prevents muscle loss after a workout. I've been learning more about alkaline diets lately, and one of the best things I discovered about Nuzest is that it's extremely alkaline. Isn't it incredible? Finally, but certainly not least. When I discovered how environmentally friendly Nuzest has made the entire process of selecting a healthy crop, implementing Eco-friendly methods, and using recyclable materials, I was blown away, and it's something I adore about NUZEST. Nuzest is a wonderful supplement, specially formulated with plant protein, natural sweeteners and vegetarians. Everyone will benefit from high-quality, complete protein supplements.


    Nuzest- The way to Bodylicious!!

    Nuzest has put an end to my monthly search for a protien that gives the best feel, apart from just protein! ‍♀️ This is a Classic shake!! Proteins are the hardware of our system - this needs to be the best! That's Nuzest! Only the finest minimal ingredients have been used to create the powder, which delivers a good ~25g per serving, with a little bit of the much needed Iron. It is a complete source with all the essential amino acids, ideal with a good portion of Leucine, low-carb & low-fat. Balance is everything! When you've pushed through a hard workout in hot and sweaty condition, the last thing you want is a thick chocolate shake! Nuzest mixes easily without any lump and is indeed the best tasting! SCOOP IT, SHAKE IT, TAKE IT ! It's Delicious! It's Shakelicious!

    Gayathri G.


    Nuzest clean lean protein is a wholesome vegan protein powder which enhances the zestfulness in our body. I am in love with this protein powder especially rich chocolate flavour which blends well with berry smoothies. I tried chocolate balls with the help of nuzest by adding some sesame seeds and dates. I am in awe with this energy booster which is indeed a multi-tasker. PERFECT BALANCE TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: This extragavant nutritious food works great on skin. I have been using white pine along with nuzest which is a double bonus for my skin keeping the pimples at bay. This works amazing during post-workouts where i just take 2 scoops of nuzest and add some water. KEY HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS PLANT PROTEIN POWDER: 1. Dairy free, gluten free, natural sweetener which tastes amazing 2. Easily digestable- I also take this post dinner which makes me feel so light. The whole nuzest is a magic supplement which its unique formula is derived from plant protein, fruit extract natural sweetener, vegan friendly and what not. All in one quality protein supplement for everyone.

    Dr R.

    A game changer

    I second all the reviews mentioned below 100 percent. Well for me it’s been a game changer. I ve been with render Fam for years now and not only nuzest all products have worked very well for me. It’s been with my weight loss & hair fall journey and my skin is in better health too. And they give amazing recipes u can do with & u can invent some of your own too. Come on It’s CHOCOLATE/VANILLA & It’s HEALTHY & YUMMY & It’s EASY ON THE GUT & U can try out some amazing pancakes & smoothies. Who can say no to this bundle of jar which can explode ur taste buds ( I mean in a very good way) as well as give u some life changing benefits!!! That’s my take on nuzest. Thanks doc I was missing the vanilla so much Stay safe Stay healthy


    A complete self care

    I was trying to loose weight for months and as a vegetarian since the protein options are very limited I often found myself in a position where i was not able to reach my protein target and i was loosing my muscle mass and also had to face hair loss. Thats when i started trying whey proteins as supplements but my skin just went heywire after that. Acne and pimples just came along as a joint package. And after a lot of research and recommendation from doc I tried this supplement and oh my god it went gentle on my gut and i dint have any acne or pimple issue this time in fact ny skin felt much better than it did before thanks to the combo of regular excercise and this supplements And not only just shakes i have looked up the various recipe options and even tried the pancakes which was so yummy and i can't go back to regular ones now. Its a premium product worth the price ❤️

    Divya M.

    Nuzest my Quarantine partner

    1. DEALING WITH HAIR LOSS: Loosing hair was my major concern. I used to change different products and was not much aware of the importance of protein to my hair. My protein consumption was low and was one major contributing factor for my hair loss. I did Keratin treatment previously but one thing I understood after starting Nuzest was protein intake matters more than just Keratin treatment 2. AIDING WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: I didn’t know the wonders protein does in weight loss until I tried and experienced on myself.It does magic but remember “Exercise +Healthy food choices + Nuzest = Weight Management/Loss”.✨ 3.RECOVERY NUTRITION: When the post workout blue kicks in, run �‍♀️for the Nuzest Shake. On a general note, after workout the muscles are ready to accept nutrients to induce muscle repair, growth and strength. Nuzest is high in Glutamine, the amino acid essential for post workout recovery & prevents muscle loss. 4. ALKALINE: Lately I have been studying more about alkaline based diets and one best thing I found about Nuzest is highly alkaline. Amazing, right? 5.SUSTAINABILITY: Last but not the least. When I found about how much environmental friendly Nuzest have made the whole process of choosing a sustainable crop, adopting Eco-friendly ways and using recyclable products just AMAZED me and something I really love about NUZEST. ♻️


    Nuzest,The Life Changer

    The nuzest protein powder was suggested by doc @drrenitarajan for my weight management, but after using it found the below added benefits too. 1. weight loss (management) Clean lean protein is protein rich and low carb which makes it ideal for weight management. Ofcourse with other proper diets while protein part taken care by nuzest. Note It is less calories than a whey protein. 2. Acne control I am someone with rosacea and acne. Since it is derived from peas and diary free, it helps me from breakouts unlike other protein powders. It’s sugar free too which again helps with the acne. 3. Better Hair and Better skin Though the reason for hair fall can differ from person to person, but a proper diet would definitely help. Our hair too needs protein (keratin), so is our skin and nuzest helps with the daily protein dosage. Ofcourse with having collagen (TOR) everyday and protein (keratin), my skin has shown nice glow and most importantly healthy skin. 4. Sleep I take the protein during my night time too, this is easy on your stomach (easily digestible) and helps with late night snacking habit. This way I don’t eat junks at night and as helped with good sleep too as it doesn’t spike up the blood sugar levels. (No added sugars & low carbs) 5. Gut health We all know healthy gut is important for various reasons . Healthy gut is important for skin too (acne and rosacea in my case). As we know nuzest is diary free, easily digestible, allergens free makes it gut friendly.

    Vikitha D.

    Nuzest--My post-workout buddy

    I started to workout regularly during this lockdown and simultaneously started my search for protein powders for building muscles. After a massive research, I zeroed down to Nuzest clean lean protein. I would like to highlight few points that helped me. First, the detailed ingredient list. They have listed all the ingredients fully and there is no hidden ingredients. Mostly all the ingredients are readable and understandable by everyone. They are very transparent in what they offer.Second, because of the health benefits - it contains most of the important amino acids, zero carb and high in protein. The benefits of pea protein against the various protein options available is high and there are no side effects of consuming it over a long period of time. The amount of research done by the company is very evident from the above 2 points. Third, the flavor, 'no after taste' and 'no bloating' effect meaning it's very light on stomach and easily digestible. Fourth, it tastes yumm as protein balls. Very easily integrated in various recipes.Because of all the above benefits, Nuzest stands out as the best protein powder in the market ❤️



    This stuff is AMAZING! The choco flavor leaves no weird after taste like some other protein drinks I’ve tried. It has the perfect balance of sweet but not sickening sweet .i personally witnessed it is a super healthy drink too as it keep your muscle performance and endurance intact It’s a great protein powder for anyone, but especially for those with certain dietary limitations, as Clean Lean Protein is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free ,GMO-free. The best tasting and nutrient dense protein shake. It blends effortlessly by just shaking, does not clump or taste chalky, flavor is light and natural and does not taste artificial. Love love looove this product!!!! It’s suitable for vegans as well as people who eat a paleo diet ,light on the stomach and easy to digest and absorb. If you’re looking for a protein powder for post-workout or to give you a protein boost in your morning smoothies, this is a quality product. If you want a vegetable protein, especially one to drink on it’s own, give Clean Lean Protein a shot.


    Nuzest love

    1.I love Nuzest coz it’s completely plant based daily nutrition. 2. Allergen free such as no gluten,no soya ,no dairy and no eggs and nuts . 3 . Rich chocolatey flavour which stop my craving from sweets and chocolates . 4. Clean lean protein is not just good for my muscles but also for my glowing skin and healthy hair with 9 essential amino acids . 5.golden pea protein is easily digestible and very low in carbs which helps in weight loss in healthy way tat last forever. 6.Best post workout drink to support my active lifestyle. 7.its yummy to tummy with no artificial sweeteners,colours,and no fillers . 8.its very smooth and ingredients are top in quality most enjoyable protein powder. of best protein powder than other market protein products it’s easily dissolves in the water. works really well for baking too it fits easily in my macros highly recommended with alots of love 11. You will never feel bloated they use cleanest growing from seeding. One of amazing and yummiest protein powder...highly demanded and recommend product

    Kavya S.

    "A protein shake a day keeps doctor away"

    I will literally cry to take egg daily since am a gym freak person who need to take lot of protein. I tried few protein drinks which was bit sore or tasteless hence stopped using them. I came to know about this nuzest which is rich in protein through renita mam post. So i wanted to give a try. Purchased nuzest in other website since it was out of stock in chosen. Thanks to renita mam for letting me know that even healthy drinks will taste like heaven. Trust me guys, chosen has wide variety of flavours in nuzest & less price compared to other website. This is the only protein shake which will taste yummy & makes our tummy smile. I can feel that my muscles are getting stronger & able to lift more weights compared to before during my workouts & i never get tired easily nowadays. Having this after your postworkout will make your tummy feel flat,body light & make your lips shake. Combining this with tor bright & having this after postworkout is the besttttt postworkout drink one could have. Rich protein = Fit me.

    Mithra A.

    A PRO - Protein

    1. Protein which doesn't affect the gut and the skin. 2. Tastes great compared to plant protein of other brands 3. Doesn't have strong flavor/ smell the other brand plant protein has. Hence, I love in its actual form without thinking much to make it better. 4. Easy way to increase daily protein intake. 5. Thank you chosen for providing it in discounted rate and an extra flavour. And thank you for making the premium protein brand available in Chennai at ease. You guys better know what stuff that actually works.!