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    Hair Cycle Reset Combo - Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate with Night Owl® Scalp Lotion

    Keeps your hair longer in the growth phase and promotes hair growth

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    Here's the ultimate combination to synchronize your hair cycle, and keep your hair in the growth phase for much longer.

    The combination of Night Owl® Melatonin and Morning Lark® Caffeine provides a complete ecosystem to regulate the hair cycle, upregulate growth promoting molecules in hair germ, and suppress inhibitor molecules which cause hair shedding.

    Both the products do not cause scalp irritation and can be used alone for mild to moderate hair loss, or in combination with other hair treatment protocols, for more advanced hair loss.

    For best results, use 1 ml of the Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate, once in the morning or in the day, and 1 ml ( 6 sprays) of the Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion, just before bedtime.

    After about 6- 12 weeks, the dose of the Morning Lark® can be tapered down to Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily as maintenance for 3 more months, while the Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion can be continued at bedtime for 6-8 months.

    Goes great with:

    TOR Bright containing OptiMSM® - proven to help hair strength and increases speed of hair growth.

    TOR Prime - studies have shown positive impact of Marine derived Collagen in managing diffuse hair loss and androgenetic alopecia in women and men.

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