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best hair growth serums in India
Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution
Hair serum for hair growth
Night Owl Melatonin Scalp Solution
Hair serum for hair loss

    Hair Cycle Reset Combo - Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate with Night Owl® Scalp Lotion

    Best hair growth serums for men & women

    41 reviews
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    Here's the ultimate combination to synchronize your hair cycle, and keep your hair in the growth phase for much longer.

    The combination of Night Owl® Melatonin and Morning Lark™ Caffeine provides a complete ecosystem to regulate the hair cycle, upregulate growth promoting molecules in hair germ, and suppress inhibitor molecules which cause hair shedding.

    Both the products do not cause scalp irritation and can be used alone for mild to moderate hair loss, or in combination with other hair treatment protocols, for more advanced hair loss.

    For best results, use 1 ml of the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate, once in the morning or in the day, and 1 ml ( 6 sprays) of the Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion, just before bedtime.

    After about 6- 12 weeks, the dose of the Morning Lark® can be tapered down to Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily as maintenance for 3 more months, while the Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion can be continued at bedtime for 6-8 months.

    Goes great with:

    TOR Bright containing OptiMSM® - proven to help hair strength and increases speed of hair growth.

    TOR Prime - studies have shown positive impact of Marine derived Collagen in managing diffuse hair loss and androgenetic alopecia in women and men.

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    Sandhiya s.
    India India

    Hair cycle reset combo

    The hair fall is reduced and hair growth is fast after the use of hair reset combo

    Alankrit R.
    India India
    Hameeda O.
    India India

    Hair quality has been improved

    After using it for over 4 weeks, i could see a lot of difference in the hair thickness.

    Janani R.
    India India

    Hair Recycle combo

    Hair Recycle combo is working like a charm.My hairfall has hairs are growing back.. I love this product

    Saranya S.
    India India


    Visible results in a week! Really helped in controlling my hairfall!

    A CHOSEN Store Customer
    Simhanjana G.
    India India

    Lovely serums!

    The night owl is absolutely brilliant. Trying the Morning Lark for the first time. Can't wait to see the results.

    Kavita S.
    India India


    Awesome!! Thank you ❤️

    Vidya K.
    India India


    thats what they say about this product . it really works great as a combo. And this is my second buy. Thanks dr. Renita and chosen .

    Naveen R.
    India India

    The Best one!

    I didn’t believe it could make a difference but it did.! Thanks to Render!

    Dr R.
    India India

    Visible results in few months

    My hairfall reduced within few months of using this hair cycle reset combo. Such a game changer in hair care routine

    Shubha S.
    India India


    My hair fall has dropped. Using the melatonin i am getting good sleep. Overall very good product. But very expensive also. I used the combo

    Manoj P.
    India India

    caffeine boost

    with proper lifestyle and good sleep cycle this scalp solution does wonders .... trust the process )

    Manjusha U.
    India India

    Best product for Hair fall control

    Just loving this product ♥️ Best product for hairfall control and sleep cycle


    Stuff that works!!!

    To begin with , I would loose about 100 strands of hair per day- this is normal. However after 6 weeks of using the lotion, , - .So yes - this product works. Another concern of mine was that this would cause itchiness or precipitation, due to product build up in my scalp - it was as if i hadn't applied anything at all. Lastly,neither does it cause any drowsiness befor sleeping ,nor did i have any drowsiness when i woke up. The Night Owl Melatonin Scalp Lotion has worked wonders in putting a stop to my hair loss because of my not- so healthy lifestyle & completely erratic life schedule. Not only has my hairfall has stopped,but my overall energy has gone up because actually started sleeping and waking up on time.That being said ,this is not a replacement to a healthy lifestyle, it's only an adjuvant! , ,.,I'd highly recommend to try this product❤️


    Must try product!!

    As a working woman, I never had time/patience to follow any detailed steps of hair care. But the moment I started getting premature greys I was worried and was in search of a miraculous product. Finally I'm happy that I found 2 great products for my hair(morning lark and the night owl) ❤. I can feel my hair healthy and what will one need more that this.The solution had a very nice fragrance on using it on the scalp.I don't feel any extra irritable scent in my pillow at night after using this. I had a great experience with this product and will continue to use again.I feel that my sleep pattern is returning back to that of my school days where I had peaceful and tight sleep.I'll give a definite thumbs up to this product and especially its a boon for all working women who are desperate to have a good hair care routine without consuming much time; must try Additionally I also use White pine Pycnogenol and TOR Marine Collagen and the results of all three together is making me fly high !!! I am also getting educated a lot about proper Skin and Hair care for which I thank Dr. Renita Rajan and The Chosen store for coming out with this wonderful DIY solution and making me feel happy and confident day by day.


    Hair saviour

    Night owl : Night owl is my first and best scalp solution. I will never go to any product because this night owl scalp solution does wonders . Stuff that works. The feel when you apply and massage into the scalp is really relaxing for me . This solution literally calms down my mind and help me to go to the bed with peacefully mind . I never wanted to skip this product before my bedtime . This product really rejuvenate the hair and helps to restore the sleep cycle . For the past 3 months I have been using this product I just believed what renita doctor said and it really works . First of all the packing is just wow and its cute Owlie as made me feel that using a product which will definitely solve my hair problems and it does❤.In the first week of usage it helped calm the mind and helped to create my sleep routine on time. It is stress buster the solution. On the usage after 4 weeks my hairfall has reduced and I felt so good using this night owlie. Morning Lark: Keeps hair in the anagen (growth) phase for longer.It controls hair shedding. Thickens hair and improves hair strength.Speeds up hair growth.Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate is non irritating to the scalp.