Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution
Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution
Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution
Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution
Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution

    Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution

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    QUANTITY: 42 ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Promotes Hair Growth | Creates a Balanced Hair Cycle | Decreases Hair Shedding | Increases Thickness of Hair Strands | Improves Hair Strength

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    The dreamer, the doer
    the latenight
    A wake up call
    for your hair!
    caffeine topical solution
    What is it?

    Morning Lark®


    Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate is a meso strength caffeine solution,
    formulated to stimulate the anagen (growth) phase of the hair.
    How does it work for me?
    Morning Lark® Caffeine and Hairloss>
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    Keeps hair in the anagen
    (growth) phase for longer

    Controls hair shedding

    Thickens hair and
    improves hair strength

    Speeds up hair growth

    Benefits of Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate


    Formulated to be
    non irritating to the scalp

    6 to 12 week program for
    boosting your hair care
    treatment programs

    Concentrated meso solution


    Hair growth patterns are highly regulated by sleep patterns, and this is proven with the high efficacy
    of the Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion. Morning Lark® with highly active caffeine concentrate
    completes the ecosystem of hair rest and activity phases, by regulating and
    balancing the hair cycle.

    Caffeine has long been known to increase the duration of the hair cycle. A longer
    growth phase ensures lesser shedding and increased thickness of hair strands.
    This helps control conditions like telogen effluvium, and retains the hair in
    growth phase for longer.

    - Supporting Hair Treatment -

    Caffeine has also been proven to work for androgenetic alopecia and pattern baldness,
    as an adjuvant. Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate provides a good support to treatment protocols,
    to prevent the excessive shedding that is associated with Minoxidil use.

    How to get the best out of it?
    6 to 12 weeks to strong and thick hair

    Caffeine Concentrate is predominantly used in clinic based hair stimulation treatments,
    this concentrate is now available in a DIY format, for use over 6 to 12 weeks.


    Clinical studies have proven that, when applied topically on the scalp, caffeine helps to arrest hair loss and promotes growth.

    Caffeine Structure
    Topical Melatonin Solution
    Together, the Morning Lark®
    & Night Owl® line of products,
    create a balanced hair cycle, which is
    better able to protect against the
    stressors that cause increased hair shedding.
    For Both Men and Women
    Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate
    is non irritating to the scalp, and can be
    used by both men and women.
    caffeine for hair
    At CHOSEN®, we create
    ecosystems to provide holistic care
    to the skin and the hair, and the
    Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate
    is the latest addition to our
    Stuff That Works®!
    Morning Lark®
    Caffeine Concentrate

    How to apply:

    Apply 0.5 to 1ml of the product,
    directly on the scalp, and massage
    gently for 1-2 minutes. Ideally used
    in the morning/ day once daily for 6-12 weeks.

    Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate

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