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Blue Block PM Serum for skin
Blue light blocking serum
Blue Block Serum to repair skin damage
Blue Block® PM Serum 20ml
Blue Block® PM Serum 20ml
Blue Block® PM Serum 20ml
Blue Block® PM Serum 20ml
Blue Block® PM Serum 20ml
Blue Block PM Serum

    Blue Block® PM Serum 20ml

    Best blue light blocking serum

    22 reviews

    QUANTITY: 20ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Boosts cellular energy and dynamism | Protects from screen-emitted light | Fights digital pollution | Restores skin vitality

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    Block the Blue
    Guard your skin from gadgets with
    CHOSEN® Blue Block® PM Serum
    Care with Blue

    Let your skin
    brush the blues away

    Apply 3-4 drops on the face and the neck.

    It is ideal for evenings and when there is excessive exposure to gadgets.

    Why is Blue Block® PM Serum effective?

    Boosts cellular energy and dynamism
    Protects from screen-emitted light
    Active Ingredient
    - Withania somnifera &
    Malachite gemstone extract -
    Fights digital
    Restores skin
    Withania somnifera
    - Indian ginseng -

    Protects skin cells from screen emitted, artificial visible light and lifestyle related environmental stress.

    Visibly revived skin, reduced skin fatigue and a healthy glow.

    Proven to protect skin vitality.

    Withania prevents fragmentation of mitochondria caused by blue light and digital pollution.

    Malachite gemstone
    - A copper carbonate hydroxide mineral -

    Effective Antioxidant which boosts the activity of the glutathione reductase(rejuvenator enzyme) by up to 30%.

    Suppresses superoxide anions which cause free radical damage up to 98%.


    Digital detox | Fights urban pollution | Fights digital pollution | Restores skin energy | Reduces skin fatigue |  Made from the finest and truly innovative ingredients, with in vitro and vivo benefits.

    Apply 1-2 drops of Blue Block® PM Serum on the face and the neck avoiding around the eyes and on the lips and wait for 10 minutes for product absorption.

    While using with Sunscreen:

    Apply the sunscreen in the mornings. Apply the Blue Block® PM Serum
    in the evenings, wait for 10 minutes and then apply sunscreen if needed.

    BLUE BLOCK® PM Serum


    skin protection from blue light

    Non-comedogenic | Eco-responsible packaging | Ecofriendly ingredients | No microplastics |  No parabens | No PEGs |  No added fragrances | Oil-free | Not tested on animals

    Blue Block® PM Serum can be used by both men and women.

    Age Category - adult

    Avoid around the eyes and
    on the lips.


    Yes! All the products in the Stuff That Works® range, including Blue Block, have been carefully curated for use by individuals without consulting with a dermatologist. These are DIY products that are available over the counter.

    Apply 2-3 drops of Blue Block Serum once daily on clean, dry face & neck in the evenings.

    For maximum benefits, let the serum stay on the skin for at least a couple of hours.

    Blue Block Serum can be used on a daily basis to detoxify and energise the skin.

    It can be used by anyone over the age of 15.

    Yes, Blue Block is suitable for all skin types and it replenishes skin that has been exposed to environmental stress and digital pollution.

    The Blue Block is to be used in the evenings.

    Yes, Blue Block is a unisex skincare product!

    For the serum to deliver its action, it has to reach the skin, if the beard hair is thick and dense and not allowing the serum to spread then, the beard can be trimmed, and serum can be used.

    It is easy to apply and well tolerated on the skin and is a beginner-friendly product.

    The product will last for approximately three months if it is used daily at 2-3 drops.

    Yes! You can follow up with the night cream/ serum after cleansing the skin.

    On the Light Routine® day, skip the application of Blue Block and can be used on the next day.

    Yes! Make sure that skin is completely cleansed before application of Milk Route® Daily.

    If you are having active acne, apply on the face skipping the areas with active acne.

    Yes, you can moisturise first, allow it to dry and then use Blue Block Serum.

    Yes, Blue Block can be used in the evenings and WaterBody can be layered on the top.

    Blue Block can be used in the morning under Chemical Sunscreen. If you are using Mineral Sunscreen then Blue Block can be used in the evening.

    Re(d)covery Serum and Blue Block Serum can be used simultaneously. Apply Re(d)covery on clean, dry skin, and let it dry. Then, apply Blue Block Serum.

    White Pine® Red Oil:

    You can apply 2-3 drops of Blue Block and leave it on for 2 hours. Cleanse your face, and then use Red Oil.

    White Pine® Mousse:

    You can apply 2-3 drops of Blue Block Serum, allowing a drying time of a few minutes. Then apply 2-3 pumps of White Pine Mousse and allow it to dry.

    White Pine® Mirror Glaze:

    You can apply 2-3 drops of Blue Block Serum, allowing a drying time of a few minutes. Then apply 2-3 pumps of White Pine Mirror Glaze and allow it to dry.

    Digital pollution is caused by exposure to gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and computers. The blue light generated by digital devices penetrates the skin and causes damage.

    Blue Block is a powerful duo with its plant and mineral complex.

    Blue Block’s Indian Ginseng root extract helps to protect the skin and revive and recharge it, making it resilient and restoring its life. 

    Blue Block's malachite liquid mineral extract offers protection against environmental stress and detoxifies the skin.

    -Skin Protection from artificial visible light.

    -Boosts Energy levels in skin cells.

    -Replenishes skin vitality.

    -Antioxidant that fights oxidative stress.

    -Detoxifies the skin.

    You can expect healthy, revitalised and radiant skin.

    On average, It can take between 6-8 weeks for you to notice healthy, revitalised skin.

    You can order Blue Block, either through CHOSEN® Store online or by picking it up at CHOSEN® Store.

    The skin cells are damaged by artificial visible light, such as screen and phone exposure.

    Blue Block helps the Energy producing apparatus of the cell remain intact. It also ensures cells function well. 

    The amino acids and withanolides derived from plant extracts of Blue Block work synergistically. 

    The skin cells are stimulated to make keratin, collagen, and elastin by the Malachite extract in Blue Block. This has anti-aging and detoxifying effects.

    Not recommended for use in pregnancy.

    Not recommended for use while breastfeeding.

    No, it is recommended for adults, 18 years and above.

    No! It is not recommended.

    Yes! This protective skin shield is safe to use.

    Avoid applying Blue Block Serum around the eyes and on the lips.

    All products at CHOSEN have been formulated and manufactured in duly approved facilities with good manufacturing practices and are in line with the currently applicable standards. CHOSEN has earned the trust among users and customers as a strong science-backed solutions provider, and we continue to strengthen our products with evidence-based medical principles.