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Child's Play Hair Detangler with lice comb

    Buy 2 Child's Play™ Hair Serums and Get 1 Lice Comb Free

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    Our new Child’s Play Hair Detangler Serum is here! And we are offering a free lice comb along with the purchase of 2 Child’s Play Hair Detangler Serum! 

    Apart from detangling and frizz control, Child’s Play Hair Detangler Serum can also be used for mechanical lice removal.

    Child's Play hair serum can be utilized both as a pre-wash for mechanical lice removal and also as a post-wash product to enhance hair smoothness and minimize the chances of lice reinfection.

    When used as a pre-wash treatment for lice removal, this detangler hair serum helps in loosening the grip of lice and nits on the hair shafts, making it easier to comb them out.  By applying the serum and gently combing through the hair with the fine-toothed lice comb, the mechanical action of combing can help physically remove the lice and nits. This method can be used in conjunction with other medicated lice treatment approaches.

    After completing the lice removal process, the Child's Play hair detangler serum can be used as a post-wash hair serum to enhance the smoothness and manageability of the hair while also serving as a preventive measure against lice reinfection.

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