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BAC drink with WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol® Vegan Collagen Builder


BAC drink with WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol® Vegan Collagen Builder

Elevate your health game with this nourishing and delicious BAC Drink! Packed with the goodness of beetroot, amla, and fresh curry leaves, this vibrant elixir is a powerhouse of essential nutrients and antioxidants. So, if you're looking for a simple yet effective way to boost your well-being, whip up this BAC Drink and let your taste buds and body thank you!


Beetroot - ½ medium-sized 40g

Amla - 1 medium-sized

Fresh Curry leaves - 4-6 nos

Collagen builder - 1 scoop (WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol®)

Pink salt - a pinch for taste


1. Chop the beetroot and deseed the fresh amla. Add them to the blender with little water

2. Add the washed curry leaves and pink salt and blend them well.

3. Strain it and add the collagen builder (WAH-TOR Pycnogenol), mix it well and enjoy.


Nutritional Value

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat
21.3 kcal 1.18 g 3.17 g 0.13 g



  • The most powerful and researched plant antioxidant on the planet to upgrade your health

  • Provides internal sun protection

  • Helps in reducing oxidative damage

  • Brightens skin tone.