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Get Started with Re(d)covery™ Serum!

on November 25, 2021

Here's how you can start a good detox for getting your skin back from damage due to topical steroids, hydroquinone and bleaching creams.

Re(d)covery Serum - topical tranexamic acid

Step 1: Stop the wrong product, first! This is going to need all your willpower since most people will experience a steroid withdrawal with either breakouts or skin darkening. This is the most important thing when you want to get out of using steroid creams on the face. This phase can be anywhere from a few weeks to as long as a few months, so it is important to stay focused and not get back on the steroid or bleaching cream. Remember, the steroid withdrawal phase can be a very trying and difficult period, but you need to understand that using steroids for skin lightening is not sustainable in the long term, and the skin tends to get damaged. 

Step 2: Get on to a good sunscreen. Check out our Curator's Choice recommendations for sunscreens that have made it to our list, purely powered by user feedback. Add on a good facewash.

Step 3: Start using the Re(d)covery™ Tranexamic Acid Face Serum for 1-2 hours in the evenings, and slowly increase the usage to overnight once you start tolerating it. This can be used even during your steroid withdrawal phase.

Step 4: Use the sensitive skin protocol on your LED Mask.

Step 5: Reassess and evaluate how your skin is behaving. If at any point, you need more support to break your skin's dependance on topical steroids, reach out to your derm!