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Still working from home?

on November 03, 2022

Here are some quick ways to get your skin glowing just in time for that Zoom meeting.

1. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser. If you are mostly indoors, in air-conditioned environments, then a gentle skin cleanser is enough. Check out our top face washes recommended for you by location.

Best gentle face cleansers in India

2. Follow through with a quick application of Milk Route Water-less Lactic Acid Peel for an instant glow.

Best lactic acid peel for skin

3. Cleanse and cool the skin down, and follow through with your sunscreen – SAFESCREEN Munnar and NEXGEN are very good sunscreens for gadget users as they have blue light scattering properties. You can also select any SAFESCREEN of your choice but make sure to apply a non comedogenic moisturiser like Water Body Aqua for oily skin or Dermavive dry skin crème for dry skin under your sunscreen to provide an extra hydrating glow to your skin! 

Best moisturizer and sunscreen for face

4. Add a touch of concealer to protect your skin pigmentation spots further from visible light. Concealers contain iron oxides which provide added blue light protection. 

Make up

5. Make your lips look healthy and vibrant with Cherry Heavy lip balm for specific blue light protection for your lips.

Best lip balm for blue light protection

6. Add on any other makeup as you like, and you are all set for a glowing presentation!

Best skin care routine for glowing skin

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