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SAFESCREEN® Teesta gives you 10 reasons as to why you should use it regularly.

on May 14, 2022

Here’s the perfect sunscreen for you, if mineral sunscreens always give you a white cast, and you really don’t want to use chemical sunscreens.

SAFESCREEN Teesta gives you 10 reasons as to why you should use it regularly.

  1. Teesta sunscreen, a mineral sunscreen in India, is boosted by Silymarin, a plant-derived antioxidant known specifically for its UV protection action. This makes Teesta sunscreen as effective as it is safe.
  2. The best thing about this sunscreen is the incredible colour match to a wide subspectrum of skin tones that fall in the dusky skin category, as easily as it matches to lighter skin tones. This makes it an easy pick for anyone looking for sunscreens for Indian skin types.
  3. Teesta sunscreen has no fragrances, artificial colours, parabens or silicones. The natural colour of Silymarin has been preserved through careful formulation using the principles of Green Chemistry.
  4. With around 90% of natural content, and no chemical filters, Teesta is highly safe for the planet and its people.
  5. The non-nano zinc mineral protection in Teesta is suited to provide broad-spectrum UV coverage, with an SPF value of 40+ and a PA rating of ++++. This gives perfect protection against photoaging for Indian skin types, making it one of the best sunscreens for men in India.
  6. SAFESCREEN® Teesta with Silymarin, is a recommended sunscreen for those with acne prone skin. This is due to the sebum regulating benefits of Silymarin in this sunscreen.
  7. This unique name of Teesta was chosen for this sunscreen, due to its ability to adapt to different skin complexions, much like how the river Teesta changes colour depending on the landscape through which it flows.
  8. SAFESCREEN® Teesta has no mutagenic chemicals, and is safe for those with a history of cancer.
  9. Teesta is also a highly recommended sunscreen for those with an easy tendency to tan, and has a water resistance of 8 hours. This makes it ideal for water sports like swimming, diving and is the best sunscreen for surfers!
  10. Teesta sunscreen is perfect as a melasma sunscreen, the other option for melasma, being SAFESCREEN Charminar.

You can get your own SAFESCREEN sunscreens online. Do check out the FAQ for more details on usage and layering.