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Reasons why TOR Beaut may be your most favourite collagen powder from CHOSEN Store!

on June 23, 2023

At CHOSEN Store, we offer you the widest range of fish collagen supplement offerings in India. The idea behind offering you multiple choices of collagen powders is sustainability - by sourcing our research grade collagens from different sustainably fished species, we aim to balance our skin goals with the needs of the planet.

Collagen for Skin

You might have already enjoyed our mercury free collagen powders - TOR Mighty derived from sustainably sourced wild caught fish, and TOR Classic from farmed fish. Both are grades of Peptan F, one of the most researched and published collagens.

Best Collagen Supplement for Skin & Hair

So here's a quick focus feature on TOR Beaut, the newest marine collagen in town!

Like TOR Classic, TOR Beaut is also from farmed fish - points to sustainability right there! While TOR Classic and TOR Mighty are based on Peptan from France, TOR Beaut carries Nitta Collagen, headquartered in Japan. TOR Beaut comes with specific benefits for sun induced skin pigmentation, having been research tested in Asian women for this purpose. These studies also answer our questions on how long it takes for us to see results when taking fish collagen supplements.

TOR Beaut studies show that collagen supplementation increased skin hydration levels as early as 4 weeks. In human studies, this collagen was shown to increase skin hydration levels by 25%, reduce wrinkle intensity by 19%, and reduce UV induced skin pigment spots by 11%.

Collagen benefits for skin

The only way to identify if collagen supplements really work for you is to look at the research data. And TOR Beaut Collagen Powder, checks all the boxes that make this a must try collagen product for you! What makes it even better is the yummy butterscotch flavour, which will make you look forward to your collagen shot every day! Much loved by users, this makes the best collagen supplement, the best tasting one ever!

Collagen powder for skin

CHOSEN Store gives you access to the best collagen supplements in India, with collagen actives sourced from all over the world. Our commitment to your health and beauty is equally balanced with our concern for the beautiful planet we live in! Alternate between the different collagen offerings - TOR Beaut, TOR Mighty and TOR Classic, to get the best benefits from fish collagen without compromising sustainability.

Fish collagen powder for skin