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Pycnogenol, a Proven Natural Supplement for Healthy Aging

on December 02, 2022

In recent years there has been an increasing interest and awareness among people in the use of products backed by science and research. Pycnogenol is one of the most studied ingredients in the world, with more than 10,000 subjects for the past 40 years, with more than 160 clinical trials and over 450 scientific publications, ensuring safety and efficacy. For this reason, Pycnogenol has gained more attention, and its usage has become widespread in skincare, cosmeceuticals and neutraceuticals because of its promising results.


What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol pronounced as “pic-noj-en-all” is an extract from the bark of the French maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) that grows along the coast of southwest France. If you’re wondering who discovered Pycnogenol, here is a quick fact - its effectiveness was first mentioned in 1534, which was four centuries later researched by French researcher Jacques Masquelier. In 1987, he was awarded a patent for this by the United States. In short, Pycnogenol is a patented pine bark extract. When it was discovered, it was the only proanthocyanidin(PCOs) and one of the first bioflavonoid antioxidants of its kind. It is majorly used in skincare, eye health, joint care, heart & circulation, women’s health, cognitive health, respiratory health and sports.

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Is pine bark extract and pycnogenol the same?

Often, pine bark extract and pycnogenol are used interchangeably. Consumers often ask whether there is a difference between pycnogenol and pine bark extract, and if there are any differences, what are they? Pine bark extracts can be obtained from many kinds of pine trees. Pycnogenol specifically is extracted from Pinus pinaster, which is a research grade, sustainably sourced pine bark extract. The keyword to note here, is the ‘standardized’ - Pycnogenol is standardized to contain an optimal amount of functional polyphenols, particularly, procyanidin. And this is the reason for the consistent results demonstrated with the use of Pycnogenol in various conditions, as published in peer reviewed medical journals. Now, the results obtained by Pycnogenol in these medical conditions are applicable only if your supplement contains authentic Pycnogenol and not just any pine bark extract.

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French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Benefits for Skin Issues & Conditions:

Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract) offers a number of benefits for the skin. It is used both orally and topically. CHOSEN by Dermatology offers the widest range of Pycnogenol products in the world, starting from capsules (White Pine) to even serums (White Pine Red Oil/Mousse/Mirror Glaze) and sunscreen (Safescreen Charminar) and, for the first time in the world, pycnogenol in a mix & drink form (WAH-TOR Pycnogenol). Many skincare enthusiasts have ditched Vitamin C and Vitamin E for Pycnogenol because it is 20X more potent than Vit C and 50X more powerful than Vit E. We all know the role of Vitamin C & E when it comes to skincare. Are you also planning to scale up from your Vitamin C serum to a Pycnogenol Serum? Head over to these standardized Pycnogenol Serums.

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The major benefits of pycnogenol for the skin are as follows:

  • Moisturizes the skin

  • Elevates hyaluronic acid generation in the skin

  • Stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in the skin

  • Increases skin elasticity and reduces skin fatigue

  • Reduces pigmentation for an even, bright looking skin

  • Arrests activity of enzymes breaking down collagen and elastin

  • Contributes to limiting photo-ageing, in addition to sun-protective measures

What are the other benefits of Pycnogenol other than skin?

Pycnogenol is like an elixir. Various researchers have shown that it is beneficial for treating circulation problems, allergies, asthma, tinnitus, high blood pressure, muscle soreness, osteoarthritis, diabetes, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, painful menstrual periods, erectile dysfunction, and retinopathy. Some studies suggest that it has several benefits for the heart and protects against coronary artery disease, stroke, blood clots, and varicose veins. How wonderful to know that one product can offer multiple benefits! Isn’t the statement, “less is more”, a very apt statement for Pycnogenol? You can make this research-proven authentic ingredient a part of your lifestyle, right now.

What are the doses of pycnogenol and dosage considerations?

Pycnogenol can be safely used at doses of up to 200mg per day. For skin benefits, the dose is around 25 to 100 mg per day. Pycnogenol is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certified and is considered safe for usage by adults and children above the age of 15. However, people with known medical conditions may consume this product only after approval from their treating physician.

How to find the best quality Pine Bark extract Products?

Finding the best quality pine bark extract product is made easy with Pycnogenol. Products that contain patented Pycnogenol are the best research-grade quality. The benefits that Pycnogenol gives may not be reaped by using other pine bark products because only Pycnogenol has research-backed data and standardized quality. If you’re wondering where to find pycnogenol or shop for the best Pycnogenol in India, you can contact CHOSEN by Dermatology, the only authorised Pycnogenol retailer in India for skin benefits.

White Pine Pycnogenol range of products

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