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WAH-TOR : What is it!

on September 10, 2022

Here are ten must know facts about WAH-TOR!

1. Firstly, WAH-TOR is pronounced as WATER! From the TOR group of drinkable cosmetics, WAHTOR is an all vegan offering – tailor made for those who want a collagen booster for their skin.

best collagen supplement for vegans

2. There are 3 actives in one box of WAH-TOR – the product is inspired by the spice box or anjaraipetti of traditional Indian kitchens, where you can add variable quantities of the spice you want to any dish.

Astaxanthin | Pycnogenol | Phycocyanin

3. The idea of WAH-TOR is to make your health supplements and skin actives more of a power food that you enjoy consuming than medicine that you must force yourself to have!

collagen benefits for skin

4. You can use the actives in any way you want. You can have one scoop of any of them directly into your water bottle (0.5-1 litre) of water, and sip it all up over the next 2-3 hours – like a flavoured, energy water. You can also add them to 50-100ml of water, mix and drink right away.

5. Astaxanthin in WAHTOR is a granular powder. So you can also have it with your soups and salads. Simply sprinkle the granules on your salads right after you have drizzled olive oil on your salads and soups for excellent absorption. Avoid using WAHTOR in high temperatures – these are super antioxidants and are best not heated.

Astaxanthin powder benefits for skin

6. You can also add WAHTOR plant based collagen powders to your icecreams, smoothies, and protein shakes right before consumption.

Best supplement for skin

7. All the 3 ingredients are well proven for skin benefits. Pycnogenol is known for its skin brightening and sun protection properties. Astaxanthin is a known collagen builder. Spirulina extract phycocyanin is a free radical fighter and UV blocker with added anti acne benefits. Together, they give you a power-packed skin protection plan!

Collagen supplement for skin

8. The most unique vegan collagen booster with Pycnogenol, Astaxanthin and Spirulina, WAHTOR is perfect for those looking for natural ways to lighten skin spots and brighten up the complexion.

9. Studies have shown beneficial effects on collagen building over a period of 12-16 weeks when taking these supplements. We recommend that you start with 3 months of an intense collagen building program, at one scoop a day, and then maintain with half a scoop for another 2-3 months before taking a break.

best collagen powder for skin

10. As with all health supplements, if you are on any medication for any medical condition, please make sure to check with your doctor before starting on WAH-TOR.

So now that you know the basics, you can simply head over and buy the best Astaxanthin, Pycnogenol, and Phycocyanin combo – right here!

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