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TOR™ Bright and Its Benefits As A Post-Workout Drink.

on October 31, 2021

Methylsulfonylmethane, also commonly referred to as MSM, has become a trendy dietary supplement in the past few years after numerous large-scale studies emphasized its performance and health benefits. People have been using MSM as a natural way for decreasing inflammation and pain associated with exercise, enhancing recovery, and reducing oxidative stress.

Methylsulfonylmethane functions basically in an antioxidative capacity. It focuses on minimizing the damage caused by free radicals. MSM is a minute molecule and can easily be transported across body cells. This enables a widespread effect at both cellular and tissue level.

TOR Bright as a post workout drink!

A clinical case study indicated that participants took 50 mg of MSM powder per kg of their body weight for a period of ten days. The participants experienced reduced muscle damage due to the antioxidant effect of MSM. Another study showed that participant women received three grams of methylsulfonylmethane daily for three weeks before a half marathon. Another group were exposed to a placebo effect. The recipient group that used methylsulfonylmethane reported significantly less joint pain and muscle soreness.

Using TOR™ Bright OptiMSM® as a post-work drink can be an ideal form of consuming methylsulfonylmethane. Extensive workout sessions can often lead to extreme exhaustion, oxidative stress, and muscle damage. Over time, if these conditions are neglected, the athletes become highly prone to muscle soreness, pain, late recovery times. As a result, overall athletic performance and training are adversely impacted. Hence, TOR™ Bright OptiMSM® can play a crucial role in minimizing signs of pain and inflammation by enhancing the natural antioxidant activity of your body and limiting muscular damage. Consequently, this will not only allow you to get back to the gym faster, but you will be able to witness drastic improvements in your athletic and training performance, as well as your muscle strength and size. As MSM helps to recover your muscles faster, as a result, your tissues knit back together much more effectively - becoming stronger and bigger than they were before!

Author: Dr. Hamad