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IMD's Heatwave Warning: Protect Your Skin Now!

on April 30, 2024

Stepping outside and immediately feeling the intense heat? That's a clear sign of a heat wave! Get ready because IMD is sounding the alarm and alerting us about possible heat waves in India.

What exactly is a heatwave, and how does it affect your skin?

Heatwaves vs your skin

Heatwaves are prolonged periods of excessively hot weather accompanied by Infrared (IR) radiation. This IR radiation can damage your skin, leading to sunburn, ageing, rashes, dark spots, dryness, and irritation. That's why skincare in summer is more crucial than ever!

So, what's the plan? Get yourself some good sunscreen! When it comes to sunscreen, not all products are created equal.

During heat waves:

  • Choose sunscreens that cover you against UVA, UVB and IR rays for full-spectrum protection.
  • It's also a smart move to go for sunscreens packed with antioxidants.

Now, the big question is: where can you find the right one?

CHOSEN®'s SAFESCREEN® sunscreens are tailored for Indian skin and to withstand tropical weather, giving high level sun protection.

Antioxidant Sunscreens for Heatwave protection:

best sunscreen for summer

SAFESCREEN® Munnar Sunscreen for dry skin:

  • Powered by Polypodium extracts, known for their proven advantages in supporting pigment cell stability and enhancing photoprotection.
  • SPF 40+ and PA++++ sunscreen for the face and body with high UVA, UVB, HEVL and IR protection.
  • Polypodium is studied to inhibit free radicals generated in the skin on exposure to Infrared-A(IRA) rays and visible light.

SAFESCREEN® Charminar for oily to combination skin:

  • Non-nano zinc oxide in this sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, whereas Pycnogenol® is proven to protect the skin from the damaging effects of visible light and IR rays, aka heat waves, promoting a skin brightening effect.
  • SPF 40 and PA++++ sunscreen for the face and body with high UVA, UVBHEVL and IR protection.

SAFESCREEN® NEXGEN for all skin types:

  • It features a powerful patent-pending formula containing Bemotrizinol, plant melanin and Ashwagandha extracts, offering full spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, HEVL and IR rays.
  • SPF 80+ sunscreen for the face and body suitable for all skin types

Hydration, but with a twist!:

Drink water daily to keep your skin happy. Here's the twist: Supercharge your water with the powerful combination of antioxidants from WAH-TOR™ for an additional defence against heatwaves!

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