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Getting used to Sunscreen – what, why and how?

on July 20, 2022

What is a sunscreen?

Sunscreens are the simple basic foundation of your skincare. We all need sunscreen to keep our skin looking healthy, young and fresh. Added sunscreen benefits include prevention of collagen breakdown, a lesser tendency to tanning, and faster clearance of pigmentation.

Benefits of Teesta Sunscreen

So there’s every reason to use a sunscreen.

How often should you use a sunscreen?

Every day! The sun damages our skin every day, and to prevent this, we must protect the skin from the sun by using sunscreen every day. Sunscreens last between 2 – 6 hours, sometimes 8 hours, with a single application, so you will need to reapply based on the sunscreen that you have chosen.

What makes a sunscreen the ‘best sunscreen for you’?

1. The best sunscreen should give you broad-spectrum protection – it should protect you from UVB and UVA.

Broad spectrum sun protection

2. Your regular sunscreen should not break your skin out and cause acne – look for the ‘noncomedogenic’ feature on the sunscreen label.


3. Your ideal sunscreen should adjust to your skin tone without giving off a visible cast.

Sunscreen without white cast

4. You should use mineral sunscreen for regular use. Chemical sunscreen can be used when you are able to reapply regularly.

5. Your daily sunscreen should be compatible with the other stuff that you use on your skin daily – like your medicated skin care products or even your makeup. You may need to specifically check whether your sunscreen product is makeup compatible.

How to get started on a sunscreen?

The above tips will help you choose the best sunscreen for your skin type and your skin needs. Once that is done, here are a few tips to help you ease into your skincare routine, centered around sunscreen.

1. Introduce one product at a time. Ideally, avoid introducing multiple products simultaneously if you are setting up your skincare routine on your own. This will help your skin to adjust to the skin care products that you are using and will provide you with the space to listen to your skin and decide on the best skin care products for you.

2. Avoid layering incompatible products with sunscreen. Ideally, don’t use oxidizable vitamin C or retinol products in your daytime routine at all.

Avoid layering incompatible products with Sunscreen

3. Make sure that you pay enough attention to removing products from your skin. Not cleansing off products will end up giving you dull, lifeless skin from product accumulation and clogging.

4. Introduce an exfoliator into your skin routine to fight pollution-induced skin pigmentation, which will also help clear any product residue, including sunscreen residues from the skin, leaving the skin clear and fresh! You can choose from our best seller range of top-performance exfoliators right here on UNSCRUB®.

Best Chemical Peels in India

5. PRO TIP: Use the two-layer sunscreen rule. Apply two coats of your sunscreen product on your face and neck, with a 10 minute gap between applications to increase the durability and performance of your sunscreen.

How to apply Sunscreen

6. Mineral sunscreens may need a moisturizer in addition, as compared to chemical sunscreens, which are pretty oily and moisturizing. If you have acne, you can skip the moisturizer step, as your sebum will take care of your moisture needs! If you still need to use a moisturizer because your skin is dry, move this to the PM routine, where the skin absorbs moisturizer better without clogging up!

We hope that these great tips and pointers help you get started on sunscreens easily. You can also check out other super useful articles in this blog on sunscreens here. 

Our range of sunscreens at CHOSEN® are called SAFESCREENS for a reason – made from mineral filters with non-nano and low nano options, no silicone and low silicone varieties, natural antioxidants for broad spectrum protection, a pregnancy safe and nursing safe variant, also the best sunscreen for children – we have pulled out at all stops, to make your search for the best sunscreen – easy. Your quest for that ideal sunscreen stops here!

Best sunscreens in India

Check out the best-selling range. Take the quiz to pick the best sunscreen for you, without confusion but only clarity!

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