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Are you exfoliating the correct way?

on November 03, 2020

You know this already : Exfoliation is the first step to uncovering great skin, and to get rid of dead cells on a regular basis. But what you may not realize that you may have been doing it the wrong way! You may be actually abrading your skin, when what you wanted to do is to – Exfoliate!

Technically, both are processes that involve the removal of the top layers of the skin. Exfoliation is the use of gentle agents like hydroxy acids that loosen and detach the top few layers of dead cells from fresh skin below. The hydroxy acids dissolve the ageing intercellular connections from these few layers, and allow the skin to exfoliate. In contrast, abrasives scrub at the skin with coarse particles, which scrape at the top layers of the skin in a pretty uncontrolled fashion.

In Indian skin types, abrasion or if you must call it physical exfoliation with various flours, powders made from the shells of certain fruits like apricot and walnut, all can potentially worsen skin pigmentation. The reason is this : in people with a higher concentration of melanin in their skin, typically us Indians, physical scrubbing causes worsening of skin pigmentation and darkness, with increased skin roughness.

The best way to exfoliate is to use a gentle chemical exfoliator – like the Light Routine® Gentle. Salicylic acid is well known for its safety and efficacy profile in Indian skin and does a fantastic job of gently removing dead cells, to uncover fresh, glowing skin. So soft, you will find yourselves checking your skin texture every so often. Light Routine Gentle is an over the counter home peel, suitable for both men and women and for all skin types. At CHOSEN®, we call this UNSCRUB®: The way to Glow!

In just a matter of a few weeks, your skin becomes noticeably clearer, so much softer, well hydrated and with less acne. Start with a protocol of a weekly routine for 4 weeks, and then space down to sessions once every 10 days. Make sure that you always have your sunscreen game sorted, before using any home peel. Click here if you need suggestions for sunscreens!