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Why is collagen powder the best way to consume collagen for your skin and hair benefits?

on December 08, 2022

Here are top 4 reasons why collagen powders are better than collagen tablets or collagen shots, for skin and hair benefits.

1. Most of the studies that have demonstrated collagen supplement benefits for skin and hair, have used collagen as powders in their research protocols. Since CHOSEN carries the same research grade collagens, these supplements are in the same powder format as in the original research studies.

best fish collagen powder

2. Collagen tablets provide at most 500mg to 1 g dose per tablet. For optimum collagen skin benefits, you need between 5 - 10 grams,  which is almost 5 to 20 tablets per day. Not practical, or even motivating! Collagen capsules or tablets aren’t comfortable to consume, especially when you have such a large number to take! which is why CHOSEN carries the mix and drink form of collagen, which saves time for our high performance oriented clientele, while maxing out the benefits of consuming collagen supplements.

difference between collagen tablets and collagen powder

3. Single collagen shots usually come packaged in plastic sachets, or in plastic bottles. Assuming a person needs to have about 4-6 months of collagen intake to get and maintain skin and hair benefits, that’s anywhere between 120 to 180 single use plastic bottles. Which is a LOT OF PLASTIC! CHOSEN works hard to balance skin goals with ecoresponsibility. Right from sustainably sourced, mercury free collagen choices, to providing these premium collagen powders in eco-friendly packaging, we go the extra mile here at CHOSEN.

collagen for skin

best collagen powder for skin

4. Being a dry powder, collagen supplement powders are less prone to getting mouldy or getting colonized by bacteria and require far lesser amount of preservatives and stabilizing agents – very minimal additives, overall. This makes sure that you are not unnecessarily taking unwanted additives especially when you take the supplements over a long term.

best collagen supplements for skin and hair

So to summarize, collagen powders are super easy to consume, TOR collagens are particularly tasty and the research grade collagen is provided to you, in exactly the same format as in the proven study!

CHOSEN has the widest range of marine collagen powders in India, with low sugar and regular options, as well as collagen supplements with completely naturally derived flavours. Choose the best one for you, here at the TOR range of supplements from CHOSEN by Dermatology, the finest products, created and curated for you!

best collagen supplements in India

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