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CHOSEN’s Guide to Topical Sunscreens

on January 04, 2021

At Curator's Choice from CHOSEN®, we pick only the truly tried, tested and trusted sunscreens. Here is a list of some classics and favourites from CHOSEN's range of sunscreens.

Oily, pimple-prone skin

Where to start?

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, look no further than the Avene Day Protector. This is one solidly useful product, for acne-prone skin, and is a known favorite among people with pimple-prone skin.

How to scale up?

Once you are comfortable with the idea of sunscreens (which is the basic step of any productive skincare), and you have spent considerable time with the Avene Day Protector, you can now move to the Cetaphil Light Gel SPF 30 sunscreen.

How to max out the benefits of your sunscreen habit?

Add on oral antioxidants like White Pine® Pycnogenol®, which can extend your sun protection, while not adding to the oiliness on the skin.

Even better, White Pine® Pycnogenol® can also help you clear your acne pigmentation, faster. Here's a dosing guide for you to plan your Pycnogenol® dose for protection from harmful UV rays and for skin rejuvenation. 

Pigmentary Conditions

Where to start?

If you are fighting pigmentary conditions like melasma, your sunscreen protection needs to be rock solid. If you have acne-prone skin, though, you need to start as above. If you only need to manage your pigmentation issues, you can start with a solid sunscreen like Heliocare Water Gel or, if you like a matte finish, Coola Mineral Sunscreen.

How to scale up?

At SPF 50, and strong broad-spectrum protection, Heliocare, and Coola Mineral Sunscreen are enough. However, if you need further protection, say like for melasma, you can add a topical concealer, over the pigmented spots, which will provide further blocking of visible light.

What else should you be on?

You should look at a diet rich in antioxidants, and start agents like White Pine® Pycnogenol®, which have been proven to work in pigmentary conditions like melasma. Studies have shown a reduction in density of pigmentation, as also shrinkage of the pigmented area, with Pycnogenol® supplementation.

Anti-aging, Skin Maintenance and Wrinkle Prevention

Where to start?

Your sunscreen game is a long term affair, and so you need to choose your sunscreen with care. Again, if you are acne-prone, go with the recommendations for acne-prone skin. Else start with high-performance sunscreens like the Heliocare and the Coola Mineral Sunscreen for outdoors, and Cetaphil Light Gel SPF 30 and Bioderma AKN Mat SPF 30 for indoors. All of them have very good UVA protection, and should definitely help you with your goal of keeping your skin healthy and young.

How to scale up?

If you have your sunscreen routine in place, you can consider yourself, mostly sorted. However, the duration of protection of an application sunscreen is pretty limited. So you may need to plan for frequent reapplication of sunscreen. Where this is not practical or possible, make sure to include White Pine® Pycnogenol® as part of your internal photoprotection strategy. White Pine® Pycnogenol® is safe to consume at doses between 25 to 50 mg per day, for close to a year. You may then choose to give it a break and resume as needed. Also other common, but very protective measures would be physical sun protecting agents like clothing, hats, and similar accessories. A common mistake that people do, is to miss out on protecting the skin of the eyelids. So, sunglasses are an absolute must – consider using Aviator or Wayfarer styles for better protection of the delicate eyelid and undereye skin. Did you know that the skin on these areas, is the thinnest ever, in the human body?

And make sure to cover the neck with your topical sunscreen, plus add on physical measures like scarves as well. The neck doesn’t age well unless you give it some special attention.

What else should you be on?

The antiaging protocol should definitely include a Vitamin A night cream, and you can check this range out. Avene Physiolift would be where you can start comfortably, moving up to Sesderma Retiage with time.

Make sure to keep your skin fresh, and work on pore tightening with the chemical exfoliation range - start with Light Routine® Soft, if you’re starting out. You can take up your home peel efficacy a couple of notches up, with the Light Routine® Gentle.