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Caffeine and Hair Loss

on September 23, 2022

6 advantages to having a caffeine based product in your hair regrowth protocol.

1. No initial shedding phase:

The main problem that anyone faces with several hair growth products like minoxidil is the initial hair shedding phase, which can be very severe for some people. Caffeine products for hair growth do not cause hair shedding in the initial phase. So that’s a big win right away! In fact, if you are on Minoxidil or getting started on Minoxidil, you can add caffeine on to your routine to reduce hair shedding.

No initial shedding phase

2. No increase in facial hair growth:

Caffeine does not cause facial hair growth stimulation. This is because caffeine works against DHT on the scalp to cause scalp hair growth. On the face, DHT causes increased facial hair and caffeine works against DHT. So caffeine hair growth solutions do not cause facial hair growth, unlike some other hair growth solutions.

No increase in facial hair growth

3. Faster onset of hair shedding control:

On using caffeine, a positive response in terms of a decrease in shedding can be seen as early as 6 weeks of caffeine hair serum usage. This helps you stay motivated in your fight against hair loss as you take your hair regrowth strategy further!

Hair fall control products

4. Does not irritate the scalp!

Caffeine serums are much more friendly on the scalp and do not cause or worsen dandruff. This is because caffeine needs lesser alcohol content in the serum compared to other active agents, which may cause scalp irritation or scaling.

No scalp irritation

5. Caffeine hair growth serum - Over the counter product.

Caffeine is not a prescription drug but an over the counter product. This means you can order the best caffeine hair growth serum online, right here, right now. You can choose between 2 options, Morning Lark Redensyl containing Redensyl - Caffeine complex –both for starting your routine and Morning Lark Caffeine Daily – for maintenance.

6. Unisex hair growth serum!

Caffeine for hair growth can be used by both men and women and acts in several beneficial ways to protect against androgenetic alopecia, stress induced hair loss, telogen effluvium and lifestyle and sleep cycle related hair loss.

Hair Serum for men and women

Whether you are looking to prevent hair fall or manage hair fall, or add on a boost to support your program for pattern baldness, caffeine is a very natural way to achieve your hair goals.

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