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12 reasons why you should use SAFESCREEN® Charminar Sunscreen

on May 14, 2022

SAFESCREEN® Charminar is creating an all new level of buzz, for a mineral sunscreen. Here are 12 reasons, why the hype is well deserved!

  1. Charminar sunscreen, boosted by the super antioxidant Pycnogenol®, stands as one of the best tinted sunscreens in India. Need we say more about Pycnogenol®, which has data from hundreds of studies done in thousands of patients, to prove its many, many benefits. Pycnogenol® has anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-pigmentation, anti-melasma, anti-acne, and anti-wrinkle properties. Literally, the power-packed sunscreen that you have been waiting for!
  2. With its Charminar coloured hue, this product acts like a tinted sunscreen, but with the natural tint of the pine bark extract.
  3. Studies show the ability of Pycnogenol® in reducing pigmentation caused by UV, and its interaction with visible light and infrared rays. This makes Pycnogenol® have a wide spectrum sun protection, and a great choice as a sunscreen for laptop and gadget users.
  4. Its creamy feel gives you an instant photo finish appearance, with the freshness lasting throughout the day.
  5. At 8 hours water resistance, this is a durable sunscreen, and is ideally suited for those who are unable to repeat frequent sunscreen applications. 
  6. SAFESCREEN® Charminar has a natural content of 90%, which makes the product very ecofriendly. It is very important for regular use products like sunscreens to not bioaccumulate in the environment. The presence of close to 90% natural content, makes Charminar in particular, and SAFESCREENS in general, one of the very few sunscreens in the world, to implement Green Chemistry at such high levels.
  7. Charminar is a non comedogenic sunscreen, and can be safely used even by persons with acne.
  8. Charminar is a SAFESCREEN®, and all SAFESCREENS are completely made from GRASE I sunscreen filters. GRASE stands for Generally Regarded As Safe and Effective, and the zinc used in Charminar sunscreen is GRASE I, and is a non nano grade of zinc.
  9. SAFESCREEN® Charminar sunscreen has no silicones in it. 
  10. Charminar sunscreen is a heavy duty multitasker, and is the perfect lifestyle sunscreen, with its wide spectrum coverage that makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage!
  11. Specially formulated for Indian skin types, to make the skin feel refreshed, in climates that are unique and specific to India.
  12. SAFESCREEN® Charminar has no parabens, or PEGs. There are no fragrances, and the faint pine odour is the actual and natural fragrance of real pine bark extract, of authentic Pycnogenol®. 

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