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Which is the best Avene Sunscreen?

on November 01, 2022

Here is the updated guide to picking the best sunscreen from you, from among the Avene range of sunscreens, available at CHOSEN Store.

Currently, CHOSEN store carries 3 sunscreens from Avene in the Curator’s Choice selection.

These are Avene Cleanance Sunscreen SPF 50Avene Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50 50ml and Avene Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 200ml priced at Rs 1926, Rs 1838 and Rs 2838 respectively.

Now, the first decision making as to which sunscreen you should choose for you – depends on where you want to use the sunscreen?

If it is a body sunscreen you are looking for, you can directly add the Avene Spray Sunscreen to cart.

avene spray sunscreen

The Avene Spray Sunscreen has Bisoctrizole, Bemotrizinol, Avobenzone and Titanium Dioxide as the sun filters. Since it contains titanium dioxide in a sprayable form, we recommend that you DO NOT use it as a spray on the face. Titanium dioxide must not be inhaled and even when you are using it on the body, please make sure to spray with the nozzle away from your face, and use the product in a well ventilated area.

This sunscreen comes loaded with newer, more durable sun protection filters, which make it very ideal for vacations, trekking and marathons. However, it does contain chemical filters and is also likely to be used over larger body surfaces and therefore, we do not recommend this sunscreen for pregnancy or nursing.

Now to choose between Avene Cleanance 50 SPF sunscreen and Avene 50 SPF Sunscreen Fluid, we need to look at only one factor: your skin type.

If you have oily skin and you need a mattifying effect, you are better off with the Avene Cleanance Sunscreen lotion, which is a better sunscreen for oily skin.

Avene cleanance sunscreen

However, even the Avene Fluid sunscreen, which is considered one of the best sunscreen lotions in India for dry skin due to its moisturizing properties, does provide a dry touch after a few minutes once the sunscreen has settled on your skin.

Avene fluid sunscreen

With Bemotrizinol, Bisoctrizole, Iscotrizinol, and Avobenzone as the main sun filters in both the Avene Cleanance and the Avene Fluid sunscreen lotions, it is mostly a matter of user comfort that decides which would be the best sunscreen for face and body. So, between these two options, if you have oily skin, you can consider going with the Avene Cleanance sunscreen, and the sunscreen fluid if you want something with a more sunscreen cream sensory feel.

best avene sunscreens

All 3 Avene versions have some fragrance, so that might be something you need to consider before picking them up.

If you wish to check out fragrance free sunscreens, you will find some great options in our SAFESCREEN® sunscreen range. And if you wish to look at options other than Avene for chemical sunscreen or hybrid sunscreen variants, you can look at these comprehensive guides we have for you, on Cetaphil and Heliocare sunscreens right here in CHOSEN Store.

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