SKIN BOOSTER COMBO - TOR™ Classic plus TOR™ Bright
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    SKIN BOOSTER COMBO - TOR™ Classic plus TOR™ Bright

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    What a better way to welcome back our much loved TOR Classic Marine Collagen, than to pair it up with the yummy TOR Bright OptiMSM®!

    Add one scoop each of the TOR Classic and the TOR Bright, mix well, and enjoy a powerful combination of health and beauty, just in one drink.

    TOR Classic now comes to you, with Peptan® F, a research backed collagen for skin and hair, with studies showing a 31% reduction in collagen breakdown with ingestion of Peptan® F. TOR Bright containing Methylsulfonylmethane has a keratin promoting effect with proven results like shinier hair, reduced split ends, increased hair volume, decrease in nail brittleness, and an increase in skin softness and suppleness. 

    Together, they form a powerful ecosystem, that protects your skin, hair and nails. In addition they also have positive benefits in promoting exercise recovery. OptiMSM® in TOR Bright has been studied to reduce oxidative stress, and Peptan® has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by upto 20% at all time points after intensive exercise, compared to placebo.

    At CHOSEN®, we love empowering you to take care of your own skin, hair and body goals!

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