Lush & Long

TOR™ Bright OptiMSM® Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Rs. 900.00

Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion 42ml

Rs. 975.00

TOR™ Classic Marine Collagen

Rs. 3,500.00

TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F

Rs. 3,500.00Rs. 4,000.00

Hair Cycle Reset Combo - Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate with Night Owl® Scalp Lotion

Rs. 4,100.00Rs. 4,825.00

Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution

Rs. 750.00

Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution

Rs. 3,850.00

The Ultimate Collagen Combo - TOR™ Classic and TOR™ Prime

Rs. 6,500.00Rs. 7,500.00