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    The Ultimate Collagen Combo - TOR™ Classic and TOR™ Prime

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    The best of the best fish collagens, here together, just for you!

    Enjoy the proven and researched benefit of two world class fish collagens in this combo. CHOSEN® sources its collagen from market leaders, which makes our collagen literally the best that you can get. CHOSEN®'s collagens are safe to consume, since we use only branded collagens which undergo extensive testing and quality checks right from the first point of sourcing. CHOSEN® collagens are mercury free and are safe for long term consumption. 

    Both TOR™ Prime and TOR™ Classic have as their main ingredient, research grade hydrolyzed fish collagen. Peptan® F is known for its ability to reduce collagen fragmentation based on human clinical trials. Verisol® F is research proven for increasing skin hydration and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

    Together, they make a powerful skin rejuvenation combo. What's more, hair shedding is noticeably reduced with these multi tasking collagen supplements. TOR™ Prime and TOR™ Classic collagen powders can be mixed together, or taken separately as well. These collagen peptides can be taken with plain water, or with any beverage of your choice. For added benefits for your keratin, you can add these collagens to TOR™ Bright, and have a power combo to support your skin, hair and nails.

    Why take collagen in the first place?

    Collagen supplements have proven benefits, and are the number one supplement for skin health, worldwide. Regular collagen supplementation increases skin elasticity, improves skin hydration, adds more clarity to the skin providing the much desired skin glow factor. In addition, they also reduce the depth of wrinkles and reduce collagen breakdown, thus providing genuine antiaging benefits.

    Why marine collagen?

    Marine collagen, in particular, has been shown to provide quick benefits, while having no reported side effects even with long term use. Collagen sourced from fish is culturally acceptable to most populations, and by choosing branded fish collagens, CHOSEN® makes sure that the products are responsibly sourced and are tested at all stages. Both the TOR™ Prime and the TOR™ Classic fish collagens are mercury free, and are safe for regular use.

    How to use the Ultimate Collagen Combo?

    You can use either of the collagens in a day, or both. You can use upto a total of 2 scoops a day, or 10 grams of collagen a day. For needs like skin rejuvenation, anti wrinkling, and hair shedding control, we recommend that you take upto 10 grams of collagen (2 scoops) for 2-3 months, and then maintain with 1 scoop a day. On the days that you actually get to enjoy a high collagen diet, you can go ahead and skip your supplement. Dietary collagen supplements are a great way of giving the best collagen products to your body, and can be safely balanced with taking collagen rich diet as well!

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